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Attention Parents: Yes, Thumb Sucking Is Bad For Your Kid’s Teeth

When children are young, it may seem like they are less susceptible to dental problems than adults. After all, they have a whole other set of teeth that will grow in. However, there are some common problems that can compromise your child’s oral health in the short and long term. The following are some of the oral health issues that you and your family dentist should keep an eye out for.

The right holistic dentistry approach can address these conditions before they become severe.

  1. Thumb Sucking
    While it is natural for children to suck their thumb, especially when they are babies, they should grow out of it once they become toddlers. Otherwise, the sucking could disrupt their bite and introduce bacteria into their mouth. If your child is sucking their thumb too much, talk to your dentist about strategies to stop the habit.
  2. Tooth Decay
    The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research found that 42% of children ages two to 11 have tooth decay in their primary teeth. Cavities and tooth decay generally happen as a result of poor diet. Sugary and starchy foods attract bacteria on the surface and in between teeth. An excess of this bacteria can cause the tooth to decay or cause a cavity.
  3. Gum Disease
    Children who do not practice proper dental hygiene might be at risk for gingivitis. When kids do not brush their teeth and gums diligently, their gums can become swollen and collect plaque. It’s important to address this condition quickly, since minor gingivitis can develop into something more severe.
  4. Orthodontic Issues
    Once your child gets closer to losing all of their baby teeth, you and your dentist may start to notice that their bite is misaligned. Catching this issue is all part of holistic dental care. Your dentist may refer your child to an orthodontist to get a teeth makeover with braces or other corrective measures.
  5. Sensitive Teeth
    Some kids may find that their teeth are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Your dentist will be able to address this with routine dental care. You can also talk to them about preventing sensitive teeth once your child’s adult teeth start coming in.

While these dental problems may be concerning for any parent, remember that they are all treatable. By working closely with your child’s dentist and teaching your child proper oral care habits, you can control these conditions. And this will set them up for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

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