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Sedation Dentistry Fredericksburg, VA

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How to Fix Your Smile with Sedation Dentistry

Can you relax in a dentist’s chair? If you are like some people who avoid stepping foot in a dental office like the plague, the answer is no. Sedation dentistry could be right for you. This type of dental care uses sedatives to relax a patient before and during a dental appointment. The sedatives reduce your irritability and anxiety by exerting a depressing (or “slowing down”) action on your central nervous system. They play a major role in ensuring that your conscious awareness is almost non-existent.

Types of sedation:

There are three types of sedations, including minimal, moderate, and deep sedation. The dentist will determine the ideal type to use based on the complexity of the procedure, surgery, and your level of fear.

Minimal sedation

You remain awake but relaxed and you can respond to verbal and physical stimulation.

Moderate sedation

This type makes you more relaxed but able to respond to purposeful stimulation.

Deep sedation

In this type, you’ll be conscious, but in deep sleep and can therefore, not respond to any stimulation.

Routes of sedation in a dental clinic

There are two main routes, or methods, used to sedate a patient. Whichever method you prefer will yield the same results. They are namely;

The Enteral Route

This involves either medication that can be swallowed or absorbed through the oral cavity. These medicines are absorbed across the enteric (intestinal) membranes which line the alimentary canal (digestive tract “end to end”) from the oral cavity, through the stomach and intestines.

The Parenteral Route

This method involves the administration of drugs through the enteric (intestinal) membranes which are outside the alimentary canal (digestive tract “end to end”). This method involves inhalation, intramuscular, and submucosal administration.

If the mere thought of visiting the dentist sends cold chills down your spine, sedation dentistry is an option to consider for your next dental procedure. For dentists, it makes almost any procedure easy to handle as there is little to no anxiety by the patient during the procedure. We do our very best to assure you that you’ll walk out of the dental office with the dental care you were seeking.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

The benefits of sedation dentistry will vary from patient to patient, but the most common benefits include:

  • Patient relaxation through any procedure
  • Increased comfort
  • Easy movement control
  • Patient cooperation is assured
  • Control of the gag reflex
  • Time-saving for both involved parties
  • Little or no traumatizing memory of the treatment

Many people overlook their dental health not knowing that it impacts the quality of their lives, jobs, relationships and general health. If they knew, they’d look past the fears of the dentist chair and visit a dental office regularly for cleaning and examination. We at Serene Smiles of Fredericksburg offer sedation dentistry, which guarantees that you get the finest dental care available.

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